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Dance is visual music. It is universal, all-encompassing

Major PerformancesAbout Bharatanatyam

Sheela was initiated into Bharatanatyam by Guru. Sridevi Thirumalai. Under her tutelage, Sheela learned the core aspects of the art form. Sheela mastered both the theoretical as well as practical aspects applicable to dance. The intensive training she received thus played an important role to further her journey in Bharatanatyam. After a decade of focused training, Sheela entered the realm of performer. During this time, Sheela won several accolades and prizes in the competitions held in various schools and colleges.

Sheela's keen interest and aptitude in Bharatanatyam led her to Guru. B Bhanumati, the Director of Nrityakalamandiram. Sheela was among the few chosen to be in the renowned troupe Bharatanjali. Founded by her teacher, Guru Bhanumati, this troupe pioneered group choreography in Bharatanatyam. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) awarded Bharatanjali the recognition of "Best Bharatanatyam Dance Troupe". As part of Bharatanjali and as a soloist, Sheela performed extensively throughout India, the UK and the USA. Learning from the virtuosos at specialized workshops allowed her to delve deeper into the nuances of the art form. The interaction with master artists and fellow artists during her formative years spurred Sheela's creativity. Thus began her journey in choreography.

Choreography is innate in Sheela. She explores the musicality in dance and the dance in music. Her choreographies celebrate their glorious union. Sheela is deeply rooted in the tradition of the art form, yet continually evolving. She is constantly pushing the limits of her creativity. Although always aiming at perfection, she believes that the true spirit of dance is not limited to it. One must go beyond mere grammar to savor each dancing moment. Sheela's choreographic repertoire includes individual and group features. Her eloquence awards her the ease of adapting to dancers of every level.

  • Sheela is currently an empanelled artist of Fairfax County's Creative Arts Program.
  • Sheela was the judge for the IDEA dance competition for 2010.
  • Sheela also served as a faculty member at the Academy of Indian Arts & Culture (AICA) in Sterling, VA between 2006 and 2008.
  • Sheela has attended a workshop on Natyashastra conducted by Dr.Pappu Venugopala Rao
  • Sheela has attended a workshop on Abhinaya conducted by renowned artiste Bragha Bessell.
  • Sheela has choreographed numerous Group presentations including Sri Rama Margam and Sri Krishna Naamaamrutham.


“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.” -Mikhail Baryshnikov


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