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Testimonials a performer

“The Kalavaridhi dancers, taught by Sheela Ramanath, were very impressive when they performed at our family literacy event, Reading: A Family Affair. The costumes were stunning and the choreography and dancing brought a dramatic impact on the story that was told. It was a wonderful way to bring a story to life through dance.”
- Mary Tack, Development Assistant, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

National Theatre, Washington DC (2010)

Dear Sheela Ramanath:
We have had a number of Indian Dance programs over the years, but none as impressive as yours. The expertise of the large company, the intricacy of the choreography, and the precision of execution were exquisite. The joy among the dancers was infectious. The clear information which you provided in the question-and-answer session was remarkable. Thank you for bringing together such a talented and lovely group of performers. Please extend our appreciation to all of them. This event will be long and happily remembered by me and the others fortunate to be present! With admiration for your talent as a dancer, director and administrator.
- Donn Murphy-President & Executive Director, The National Theatre, Washington DC a teacher

I would like to thank you for the five wonderful years that my daughter got to learn not just dance but Indian culture, ethics and life lessons from you. She not only enjoyed the training but also the camaraderie of her fellow students and the opportunity to perform on stage and experience the joy of live stage performances under your tutelage. Living in the United States it is so much harder to instill the love of the art in our children, but you have not only accomplished that and taught them the meaning of the dances and the guru-shishya relationship but have done this without sacrificing the strict discipline and rigor that makes one a good dancer.My daughter has learnt to love dance and continues to pursue it thanks to her Sheela aunty. For that I will be ever grateful.
- Alka (Mother of Radhika -Student)

Arangetram Feedback from Students - Rajashree & Rhea


“The problem is not making up the steps but deciding which ones to keep.” - Mikhail Baryshnikov


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